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Does incomplete Microdata hurt SEO?

Hi everybody,

Does any of you think that incomplete Microdata (sportsEvent for instance) values hurt SEO? Has any of you monitored this on their sites? Any case studies?

Thanks in advance

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  • Michael Martinez: "Hurt SEO" as in "we`re the search engine and you did this wrong so we`re going to demote you?" I don`t believe that would ever happen. But in queries that are obviously promoting well-formatted content, NOT having properly formatted content definitely makes you less competitive. So it hurts by failing to help as much as correctly formatted content will help (but most queries still don`t need that kind of markup, so you have to decide for each one if you think it will help).
  • Michalis Apk: Hi , I’m a bit concerned about the way the new inspection tool in GSC interprets data after the removal of the Fetch as Google tool. Therefore, I’m not sure if Google will be taking into account those code warnings moving forward.
  • Michael Martinez: I have been looking for problems under the main "Coverage" report (under "Index" in the left-side navigation). I look at "Excluded" reports and scan the various sub-reports. Most of what is excluded should be, but sometimes I find a configuration issue that needs to be resolved. Otherwise, if you have nothing under "Errors" or "Valid with Warnings" I think you`ll be okay.

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