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Best way to build an audience from zero

I have a blog, and zero audience. What is the best way to build an audience from zero?

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  • Nick Brigham: I have a blog, and zero audience. What is the best way to build an audience from zero?
  • PromozSEO: Regular valuable and optimized content creation on your domain.
    Authority link building/ earning.
    Content promotion with social media sites, content sharing sites etc.
  • Ritu Ahuja: You should share your post's on google plus in communities related to your blog, be active on twitter and Pinterest. You will get some traffic from social networking sites. Start working on SEO for your blog. You will get some organic traffic.
  • Nick Brigham: Ritu and Promoz, really appreciate the responses.
  • Pankaj Asopa: Quality contents; this is what attract users....
  • E.Dieter Martin: Interact with peers or with your target audience on other sites. Comment on other bloggers posts, react to audience comments elsewhere. They will learn about your blog and follow you there.
  • Rotimi Orimoloye (Orims): With all due respect, the term "Quality Content" can be a little vague.

    How new is the blog?
    Do you share it on social media?
    How do you share it?
    Do you preamble the post to arouse curiosity?
    Do you share individual posts instead of sharing the blog site itself. (i.e. Nick. com/blog/story of nick instead of nick. com/blog)

    Try this:
    Try to think of the kind of people who are normally interested in the topics in your blog.
    Take some time to do this.
    Then think about other things that might be known about them: their kind of humor, etc.
    You might also want to read the other stuff that they read to get an idea of what you could be doing wrong.

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