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Starting on August, traffic just dropped by half

Hello guys. I am clueless about what happened to make my search traffic drop like this. Any hints? I haven`t made any changes, no updates or ssl changes. Starting on August, it just dropped by half (or less). Help! And thanks in advance for any hints..
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  • Erick Paulino: My url: www.docelimao.com.br
  • Jim Munro: Hi Erick, you don`t have to but if you were to add your url to this question you are likely to receive more useful answers.
  • Erick Paulino: Thank you, Benedito Rodrigues! I`ll read them all. Please don`t be shy, post anything you think is useful.
  • Jim Munro: Tim Capper has studied the updates around this date too. I was wrong to remove Benedito`s links above but at the time I thought pointing to the updates in early August was too broad a response to be useful. I`ll try to be more careful.
  • Erick Paulino: Hi Jim Munro I have saved 2 of the 3 links he posted. I`m new to the group and I`m not familiar with the criteria of the moderation so I was surprised that it was deleted. Do you have any other links/info on the topic that you find may be useful? Thank you!
  • George G.: I ve been doin some testing on my own. Beside all the technical issues you should fix (canonicals, 301s, remove indexed pages with thin and dupe content etc) it is mostly a links update. You need to build more and better links to the site and on the next update (google pushes those every week now) you ll see improvement.
  • Tim Capper: Without looking into the whole site, I am thinking quality update E-A-T and this looks to be a health related site.
  • Erick Paulino: Yes, it is a health related site. What is E-A-T?
  • Tim Capper: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness https://static.googleusercontent.com/.../searchqualityeva...
  • Sujit Das: Is it your https property? If not add new property with https. It may help 😊
  • Tony McCreath: I`d dig deeper. Was it any specific query, page, device or even country.
  • Usman Ghani: I am having same issue with my health site, it’s August update from google which badly hit health related sites.
  • Becky Westmoreland: That appears to be the date of the August 1 Core update
  • Linda Caplinger: I would block your search results pages from being crawled...lots of results for those.
  • Erick Paulino: Linda Caplinger you mean disallow it on robots.txt?
  • Linda Caplinger: Yes. Also, reference your sitemap.xml in robots ( couldn`t find yours). I also don`t like crawl delays - I take those out.
  • Linda Caplinger: I know a Site: search on Google isn`t that accurate anymore....but your site showed over 16K pages...authenticate your site in google search console. Submit your sitemap there and see what is actually being indexed. Sometimes chunking your site out into buckets and using a sitemap_index.xml file is better for vetting out which areas are more problematic.
  • Glenn Cooper: EAT / YMYL update
  • Rob Woods: this ^
  • John Albin: I’m curious on behalf of OP.. how might one solve for lost rankings due to an E-A-T update? Is this any different than building up general site authority?

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