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Keywords found 20-25 times on a single page

Hi guys I have a new job from tom onwards why is our rival site not penalized for so many years when it has keywords 20-25 times on a single page but its ranking on first page and not having any penalty what can we do to beat it ?


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  • George G.: ask google. w/e anyone else tells you ll be pure speculation.
  • Neil Cheesman: I don`t know that industry - but the homepage seems to have `normal` headings - what is perhaps more important is that it has 2K referring domains - and depending on the quality of those...
  • Varun Kumar Riat: thanks so we should work on backlinks for our home page https://www.ijariit.com/ to beat this https://www.ijser.org/ site un rankings our main business is publishing journals, research papers .
  • Neil Cheesman: I didn`t say this "so we should work on backlinks" (although good/high-quality backlinks are an important ranking factor) - your question was, why is that site not penalised?... how does it compare with other niche specific sites on page 1?
  • Varun Kumar Riat: okay its mostly on the first page for this niche sites
  • Michael Martinez: Google doesn`t have any guidelines about using a specific word 20-25 times per page. But assuming the rival site IS violating guidelines, your boss has no way of knowing if they are penalized or not.
  • Varun Kumar Riat: ok sir Thank you
  • Jeffrey Bbdong Ferigura: Michael Martinez Hi, how about keyword stuffing. Isn`t this page doing that? Or maybe there is something I missed?
  • Michael Martinez: Keyword stuffing is typically associated with groups of offsite links and/or randomly inserted (offsite) links whose anchor text is incongruous with the surrounding text. I see nothing on the site that violates Google`s guidelines (judging only by the front page). The large number of footer links may be ignored but that`s probably the most egregious activity on the page.
  • Jobin John: The site looks ok and is doing nothing wrong in terms of over optimizing or keyword stuffing. If you want to outrank them, first you need to do a manual audit for your own site and find the areas you lack in and then pick it up. Link building is the last step in SEO for me, I only do it when the onpage SEO is done perfectly. Then, you need to focus on your sites content and site`s structure. Then submit the site to GSC and wait to see the impact.
  • Varun Kumar Riat: sure but i think our website has high bounce rate of 60 percent if we get good animation and decrease our bonce rate can we rank higher rather than creating 100 of backlinks
  • Michael Martinez: Bounce rate has no impact on google rankings. It is important for retention and conversion.
  • Varun Kumar Riat: ok Michael Martinez

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