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Paying for inclusion in certain higher-end directories

Hello all,

If anyone out there is feeling curious to help out a fellow SEO, I`ve got a question or two in relation to this article from Moz: https://moz.com/blog/seo-link-directory-best-practices

The author talks about paying for inclusion in certain higher-end directories, saying it`s the "bread and butter" of more established businesses. Is that to mean these are valuable, worth-paying-for links?

He later talks about researching candidate directories before submitting anything; he warns to check the cache of the page to make sure it is still being indexed. Does that imply it may have stopped being indexed because of poor SEO or inactivity and that we need to verify the viability of a directory before submitting a link to it?


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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Michael Martinez: I think the Editor`s Note on the article says all that needs to be said. You should move on.
  • David Gaskin: I failed to notice the editor`s note. It`s a good point!
  • Tim Capper: So in the local market and citations, in every country there are a handful of aggregators - submit to those and move onto better things.Having said that I would take the time to uncover any niche local sites / directories operating in the area. These are often more valuable in terms of local understanding by G then any other citations they come across.In local SEO you have to think local, like cross promotion with other local businesses. And dont ignore local journos, they can often get your brand infront of ten of thousands of local residents if pitched right.And don`t forget local charities - goldmine for local branding, but your client will have to open his wallet.
  • David Gaskin: Thanks! Good answer!

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