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I don`t know which keyword to target

Let`s say I have a website selling a product that eliminates shoe odor. I can use different terms like `shoe deodorizer`, `shoe odor eliminator`, ` smelly shoe remedy`. These are all synonymous/variant keywords that drive a respectable amount of search volume and ideally, I would want my website/pages showing up for all those keywords when searched by the user. However, let`s say, if for my home page, I optimize around the keyword "shoe deodorizer", and on my product category level page, I optimize around the keyword "shoe odor eliminator" and on the actual product page, I optimize around the keyword `smelly shoe remedy` (just as an example), would this be considered good practice or bad practice (keyword cannibalization?) for SEO?

just don`t know which keyword to target on what page because there are multiple synonymous keywords that all mean the same thing. i want visibility for all those keywords. thanks.

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  • Michael Martinez: "keyword cannibalization" is one of those fuzzy expressions that really doesn`t mean one thing. It depends on who is discussing it. You can/should differentiate your pages (even section index pages) so that each serves a specific purpose. But each page can be relevant to 1, 000+ queries and you can have many pages relevant to the same queries. You`re not doing anything wrong. You would have to go to incredibly extreme lengths to "deoptimize" your pages for similar queries. What you do not want to do is publish 50-100 pages that are essentially about the same thing <- those would be considered "doorway" pages. Focus on creating a page or section to fulfill a specific need. Don`t worry about crossing the keyword timelines.

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