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Need general advice for pruning old blog posts

Does anyone have any general advice for pruning old blog posts? I`m working with a smaller site, less than 500 pages, that has very little traffic and a ton of old blog posts that are no longer relevant, from early 2000`s.

I don`t want to waste a ton of redirects since they probably don`t get much traffic anyways, and a lot of them are broken (broken images, unfinished???, or duplicates somehow).

I was planning to do an audit of the blog and 410/delete the broken or duplicates, but there are tons that are published and complete, but go very far back, are not relevant to the industry they`re in any longer, and barely get any traffic or rank for KWs.

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  • Cassy Richardson: I don`t want to overkill the pruning but I also want to get rid of a lot lol. SO ALAS
  • Michael Martinez: Prune the dead wood and then look at the 404 data later, maybe in 3 months.
  • Michael Martinez: I mean "look at the 404 data in the raw server logs". Sorry. Typed the previous answer on my phone.
  • Michael Stricker: If this was SEM, you’d drop any keyword that had not attracted a click for ~60 days... But if the topics upon which some posts are based have any resonance for other brands, keep them a bit longer, slate them for a research/refresh/rewrite.
  • Francois-Pierre Marcil: 410 the worst stuff, recycle what can be(update old blogs with better content)

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