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Monitoring your SEO efforts

Hi everyone, which tool do you recommend to monitoring your SEO efforts?, different to SEOMonitor.

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Mile Živković: Ahrefs if you can afford it, SerpStat works really well too
  • Edgard Burgueño Ochoa: I`m really appreciate your feed back, tks very much!!
  • Jim Munro: SEMrush provides GURU subscriptions to some of our panelists to assist us in our work on the Dumb Seo Questions HOA so of course I must mention SEMrush. ...but, if they ceased to provide access, I would pay for the subscription. It`s hard to imagine life without it. :)
  • Edgard Burgueño Ochoa: Thank you Jim!
  • Dave Elliott: Seomonitor means im guessing you have a large budget.Love seomonitor that`s your rank tracking sorted then. So, you need link analysis for which I favour majestic. If you don`t have screaming frog then you really should and I`d also consider deep crawl or botify......Semrush is the best one stop solution but there are programmes that do all it`s individual tasks better. I only use it for grabbing competitor keywords.
  • Edgard Burgueño Ochoa: Dave Elliott thank you very much!!
  • Jobin John: Ahrefs is my go to tool but I also use SEMrush and Majestic.
  • Michael Martinez: Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Toolbox.

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