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I`ll bet that the missing sauce is backlinks

I need to start over.

I`ve actually lost some rankings over the last year and was never able to get up to page 2 on the big keywords. I do have about 90 in the top 10 but they are low hanging fruit with small numbers.

I did have a few wins however, the best being ranked in the map pack for several words.

Any suggestions on starting over with my SEO education? I`ll bet that the missing sauce is backlinks. I only have a few compared to the page 1 companies.

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  • Larry Spencer: Why do you think you can’t gain any ground?
  • Ted Rinshed: I`m out of ideas. Page one has 10 companies who have been there for years in a city of 1.2M. I guess I`m a bit discouraged.
  • Neil Cheesman: Sometimes there are just too many trying to take a slice of the same pie... is it at all possible to diversify with some different content that might be more achievable?
  • Ted Rinshed: I might start creating pages for each community in the city. There must be 100...lol
  • Neil Cheesman: If you want a different set of eyes to try and come up with some ideas/suggestions - happy to have a look... dm the url IF you want.
  • Neil Cheesman: ps - I am in the Uk so not likely to be related content-wise
  • Neil Cheesman: or - what is the niche?
  • Ted Rinshed: house painting contractor
  • Ted Rinshed: I`ve never learned that strategy. Any source material I can study?
  • Kenneth Dieryck: I actually wouldn`t use the city in every URL. Also, seems like internal links could use some work.

    I mean your homepage looks fine, but you should link back to it more if that`s your main page.
  • Ted Rinshed: sounds good. Doesn`t the header link to Home page count as an internal link?
  • Kenneth Dieryck: Well yeah, it does. But there`s not much strength behind header or footer links. The strongest internal links are contextual links. Use a variation of different keyword phrases that are relevant to your homepage.
  • Neil Cheesman: Okay - a suggestion - go to your GSC and see if you are getting any meaningful impressions for keywords where the url/page/post isn`t targetting that actual keyword or keyphrase. It may be possible to jump up a few places in the rankings - I have found some useful search terms where Google obviously likes the page/url - it can be good for low-hanging fruit.
  • Neil Cheesman: ps - and meaningful impressions doesn`t always have to be large in number - just large enough for potential revenue.
  • Neil Cheesman: Sometimes just tweaking the Page Title, Description, H1 and possibly content... can push you up the rankings... also check analytics for info.
  • Neil Cheesman: You might just be getting traffic for something that you hadn`t realised... or traffic that could be better targeted. Just a thought.
  • Neil Cheesman: I don`t know the industry at all - and this isn`t saying what to do but asking the question that you need to ask yourself - is this the best description on your home page "Eco Star Painting is one of the few Calgary painting companies that use dustless sanding tools on a daily basis. Our sanders are attached to a dust extractor ..."
    What are the competition using?
  • Ted Rinshed: Pole sanders.Dustless rigs cost about 2k each including the dust extractor. very few make the investment.

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