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How to fix this duplicate content issue?

Suppose one page has content from three different pages. How to fix this duplicate content issue?

Actually I have a blogging site on wordpress. Content of all tag pages are generating from blogs of same domain.
This tag page is ranking on google and driving traffic. I need to index that tag page by google. Also need to remove duplicate content issue.

Let, we have three pages
1. test.xyz/q
2. test.xyz/w
3. test.xyz/e
and tag page is test.xyz/tag/r
All Content of test.xyz/tag/r are from the above three pages.

Lastly, I need to conform that who will use this tag?
1. the original content page, or
2. who is copying the content.

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  • Neeraj Pandey:
    Sujit can u make it more clear? You tag page ranking that extracts content from different other pages? Means list page? And which page u want to rank ? Those dedicated topic pages?
  • Unique Websites:
    Personally, I have put a noindex, follow meta tag into my tag pages for that reason. Possibly, however, you could use a Post Excerpt on your tag pages? That way, you can use different content in the post excerpt to the content that is on the post. (The excerpt can be created at the bottom of each post; you will need to alter your coding to include the excerpt (rather than the lines above the read more..) in your tag pages. Post excerpts can also be displayed in Category pages - again reducing the duplicate content issue.
  • Sujit Das:
    + Tag page is generating content from blog page, original contents are on blog page. These tag page is ranking on google but there are duplicate content issue right?
    So I need to keep tag page and fix the duplicate content issue.
    Sujit Das

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