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Benefit of outgoing links - and follow or no-follow?

Benefit of outgoing links - and follow or no-follow?
EDIT: Particularly with regard to `page-rank` (yes I know it isn`t displayed by Google anymore) and trust flow....
Our website is in the theatre niche and we post daily news/reviews/interviews about productions that we don`t actually sell tickets for.... for some time I have been including a link to the website of the production or the production venue... BUT.. is this a good thing in terms of SEO? Yes, for the user it may or may not benefit them - as they could go to the serps and search for the production/venue - bottom line is - is it a good thing to have these links (usually only 1 link per page) and would you leave as follow or no follow them?

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  • David Harry: PageRank doesn`t exist? Is that an `alternate fact` .... or?
  • Steve Gerencser: I refuse to use no follow on general principle. If it`s not worth giving a clean link then dont link at all.
  • Webado C Webada: If the link is to a page that`s relevant and useful to the visitor and thus complements your own content, it`s OK to have a followed links. Otherwise nofollow it, or don`t use it at all if it`s irrelevant.
  • Neil Cheesman: The bottom line is - I made the decision some time ago to add (RELEVANT) links and have them followed ... just wanted to check that I had done the right thing...
  • Alan Bleiweiss: LOL Neil, I`m going to throw fuel on the fire David started. TBPR was never a real data point. It was, even when visible to the public, an approximation, and rarely updated compared to live algorithmic processes. Any industry tool that attempts to approximate TBPR with the tool provider`s own scoring system, is even less accurate, and more often than not, ends up being a shiny object distraction in too many cases. As for links, people need to stop thinking like SEOs and start thinking like humans when it comes to whether to link or not. "Is this link helpful/relevant/respectful to my site visitors?" "Is this link pointing to a quality, trustworthy site?" "If SEO did not exist, would I still have this link, in order to give my site visitors access to more information/resources/knowledge?"...

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