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How priceRange property for Schema (rich snippets) works?

Hi guys,

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone :) So happy to be part of this community, looking forward to learning from all of you :)

I`m having a hard time understanding how priceRange property for Schema (rich snippets) works.

Should I post my actual price range ($30-$50), or should I use just the dollar symbols?

If the second one is true, how do you use them?

What does $, $$, $$$ mean?

Is it how expensive I perceive my service to be (cheap, average, expensive)?

Does $ refer to: 0-9, $$ to 10-99 and $$$ to100-999? This doesn`t make sense personally for me since there are more expensive services and deals on the market (example: real estate)

Maybe it`s a combination of the first two or something else that I cannot think of right now.

Thank you in advance for your time. I believe that most people in the SEO community are facing the same issue.

I will be more than grateful if you can provide evidence for your statement (I`ve googled this first and couldn`t find something that is credible enough)


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