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Google devalued my site

Hello guys,
I am experiencing some strange issues with my niche affiliate site.
I had a multi-niche site, and tons of keywords on top 3, earning something $3k per month.
Some are out of 30 from top 5.
After that fu***ng EAT, Google seemed devalued my site, and lost most of the rankings from top 3. 
However, then I tried to fix the cannonical issues (removed sidebar, merge/deleted similar posts) and just kept one(the primary niche) niche, removed rest niches, changed internal anchor texts, from exact to generic or semi relevant anchor (cannonical issues)
This made the case worse. Visitors dropped 80%, earning dropped 78% or so.
Donno what the hell to do now
Could please suggest anything guys?
Any advice is cordially appreciated.

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  • Joanna Jana Laznicka: Where are your servers located, what kind of contact info and legals do you have on your site. - contact page do you have a real address, do you have all the right legals? Is your site mobile friendly....
  • George G.: build better links
  • Ryan Jones: wait, did you think removing internal links and de-optimizing your title tags would get you more traffic?

    the EAT stuff all depends on the site. do you have real authors on your articles? are you a brand or an entity? are there signals on the web to support that you are? Citations? links from other places? is the content unique? there`s a ton of factors that go into it. You can`t fix it with just on page optimizations.

    You have to ask yourself this: do visitors trust me? Look at who ranks, see what they do that you aren`t doing.
  • Michael Martinez: Well, the good news is that E-A-T is just an SEO myth. Google doesn`t actually grade or rank your site by those criteria. Google`s quality raters are supposed to evaluate the results they are shown by estimating how reliable the sites are, and E-A-T is what they are supposed to determine. Google still wants a well-organized Website to crawl and analyze and it sounds like you removed the organization. Their neural matching algorithm may be affecting your site, and it`s trying to do a better job of matching Website content to user queries. We`re seeing success on sites that do a better job of explaining concepts, but it`s still early in the life of this latest algorithm. It`s possible Google is still tweaking the signals it uses to analyze content.

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