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What else can I do apart from writing more content?

Hi all, my sub-domain was launched on October 8th and currently counts 6 indexed pages (including homepage). No channel marketing so far, so brand awareness is low relatively speaking. SV for brand keywords is significant, however.

Question: why aren’t ranking for anything, not even the brand name? Any measures we could take (apart from more content) that would speed up the process?


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  • David Harry: Not ranking for the brand? Likely not good... Is the "brand" a common phrase? Or fairly unique?
  • David Harry: hmm well that sounds like there might be some larger issues with indexing or dampening/penalties. You really should be showing up for the brand, at the very least
  • Michael Martinez: Are there any links to the site yet? If so, are they appearing in Search Console`s backlink report? What does the report tell you about the indexing status of the site?
  • Neil Cheesman: sub-domain and brand name? Does the sub-domain have a different brand name to the main domain?

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