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SEO 3 Tier Layer structure, will it work in 2019?

Is the SEO 3 Tier Layer structure still work in 2018?

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  • Ɓukasz Rogala: It depends
  • Mathias Pantalonias: For the most part (in my opinion) you can mostly forget about bookmarks, blog comments, and other low quality endorsements. Especially if this is a site you`re considering the long-term health of, stay away from these games. Concentrate on overall content value, usability, performance, and technical perfection etc, and then some good marketing and PR.
  • Michael Martinez: If you`re publishing content in which you so lack confidence that you feel compelled to build elaborate linking structures for it, I think your time would be better spent developing the type of content you yourself would want to link to if someone else had published it.
  • Stuart Mackenzie: Yes, but not to the scale it used to, relevancy is a factor now so rather than 10, 000 links it`s a few hundred and slightly better constructed web 2`s etc. Down the tiers

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