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This is a website relaunch with so many things wrong

Always thought i knew a thing or two about seo (maybe even more). But this case boogles my mind. I´ve posted it in the group a few weeks ago. TL;DR:
  • Website relaunch happened
  • Whole site was available under 3 domains for a few weeks before relaunch (duplicate content).
  • Main TLDs send 301s ASWELL as 302s to different domains which i think is totally crazy
And even though of all this craziness, the searchmetrics graph seems to be rising. Ok, i would expect WAY more through a relaunch but to me it seems like: Do whatever you want, we´ll figure it out.
To the question: Am i missing something? This is a website relaunch with so many things wrong, so many metrics that shouldn´t look like they do. I don´t get it?
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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Don Vermeer: Have you considered giving it simply some time to stabilize? Give it 2 or 3 more months
  • Christian Mühlbauer: Well, 6 weeks now so far. The thing for me is not stabilization. I´ve expected the graph and overall performance to go mad. Yet, it doesn´t.
  • Don Vermeer: Yeah it can take a few months. Specially with 3 different dupe domains, can take a while to de-index and things to go as they should man. Very frustrating! Usually happens when things finally catch up, things fly up from 1 day to another
  • Michael Martinez: What does Google Search Console show you?
  • Christian Mühlbauer: Regarding positions, impressions, clicks?
  • Michael Martinez: Is your search referral traffic as reported by Google rising?
  • Christian Mühlbauer: No. We had a seasonal spike a week ago, which happens every year. But that´s it. Overall according to GSC >75% less clicks, impressions through search. See attached image.
    That matters to me, as search visibility is a useless metric. But our enlightend marketing team celebrates themself for achieving this useless searchmetrics spike.
    And still: I thought with all the things gone wrong, the rise wouldn´t happen at all. Especially as they trimmed 80% of our webpages.
  • Michael Martinez: When I run into a clash of metrics preferences I start talking about sales. Most people will follow the money.
  • Christian Mühlbauer: I always used this trick in prior jobs. Here, sadly, it doesn´t work (gov). But thanks for the advice. I love your postings btw wherever i see them. Serious, reliable, profound!

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