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Please tell me a story about duplicate content

If I put up a post on my website and put the same post on my https://business.google.com site, would Google consider it duplicate content? Would there be a chance of being penalized?

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  • Scott Clark: There is no such thing as a duplicate content penalty on Google, which would pick one of these and typically avoid the other. Our recommendation would be that you link, one-way, to the one you want Google to consider the "main" post from the "secondar…Lihat Lainnya
  • Thomas Patrick McKee: So, I post it to both, link to my main website from the post I posted to Google Business listing, that right?
  • Scott Clark: That`s a good plan, in my opinion.
  • Scott Clark: What I like to do is do a bit of "cliffhanger" writing so that you entice people to click from your GMB post to your primary post (where, presumably, you have more opportunity to market appropriately to them, capture a cookie, retarget, etc.)
  • Neil Cheesman: I usually put a `snippet` on GMB linking to the main article...
  • Thomas Patrick McKee: That`s a great idea! Thanks!
  • Neil Cheesman: and also some unique stand-alone snippets...
  • Scott Clark: This is a great way to get people OFF of Google and ON to your website :-)
  • Neil Cheesman: Although - and I raise this as a question... did I read this or watch this the other day - that Google are targetting giving website visitors all that they want on GMB - so that visitors don`t even get to the websites...
  • Scott Clark: Neil Cheesman That`s where things are going. But we need to fight the power. https://sparktoro.com/.../google-ctr-in-2018-paid.../
  • Michael Martinez: You would need to publish hundreds or thousands of duplicate pages before Google would even care about duplicate content. Like Scott said, there is no penalty. They would just ignore some and choose which duplicates to show.

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