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Can you rank in the top 3 on google map pack?

Can you rank in the top 3 on google map pack if you have more than one business under the same address outwith the city you want to rank for...or do you need a physical premise in that town/city

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  • Scott Clark: You can have the same address if it`s actually a different business (e.g. different corporation at the Secretary of State) with a different phone number. If they are in the same category, it`s harder since the Google "Possum" update. Google ignores suites.If you are at all trying to manipulate the local results (this is not an accusation) Google will react swiftly to this and you may lose both listings or the ability to create more listings. Google will do a lot - from calling the business to searching on your state`s SOS listings - if they think you`re trying to bypass guidelines.Here`s Google`s guidelines on co-location:"Publicly-facing departments that operate as distinct entities should have their own page. The exact name of each department must be different from that of the main business and that of other departments. Typically such departments have a separate customer entrance and should each have distinct categories. Their hours may sometimes differ from those of the main business.Acceptable (as distinct listings):"Walmart Vision Center""Sears Auto Center""Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Dermatology"Not acceptable (as distinct listings):The Apple products section of Best BuyThe hot food bar inside Whole Foods MarketFor each department, the category that is the most representative of that department must be different from that of the main business and that of other departments.The main business "Wells Fargo" has the category "Bank" whereas the department "Wells Fargo Advisors" has the category "Financial Consultant"The main business "South Bay Toyota" has the category "Toyota Dealer" whereas the "South Bay Toyota Service & Parts" has the category "Auto Repair Shop" (plus the category "Auto Parts Store")The main business "GetGo" has the category "Convenience Store" (plus the category "Sandwich Shop") whereas the department "GetGo Fuel" has the category "Gas Station", and the department "WetGo" has the category "Car Wash""
  • Mark Johnstone: Ok that`s what I have done , separate telephone number, name etc ..... I don`t think I will ever get on top 3 because they have physical addresses in the city I want to show for
  • Mark Johnstone: I matched what they have using whitespark and no where near the top. That why I think it`s because of address being outside city.
  • Jobin John: Yes, you can. I have done this for a client and made it rank in the map pack.. different phone number, url, images, business name, business category is a must. Then go ahead and build citations and collect decent reviews.

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