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Next things to do after on page SEO

I am a real estate agent wanting to rank my website for property / real estate related terms for overseas property market... ( i am not targeting US real estate terms )

Let`s say i have the On page seo almost done. What is my next step , where should i start to look for good backlinks? Please advise solid sources or platforms that can help...Thanks

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  • Richard Hearne: Where are you physically based?
    Where are your target audiences physically based?
    Do you have your own unique source of properties and the content about those properties (descriptions, meta data, images etc.)?

    You need to provide a lot more context to get any appropriate replies here I think.

    If you are just taking properties from MLS feeds you have very little hope (all other things equal). You may want to look for gaps in the features/functions your competitors offer to the target audiences, and then look to fill those gaps by developing something that fits. RE SEO is very competitive, so finding alternative vectors to get your content ranking is probably the best way to get any results.

    Oh, and if you have a lot of inventory you`ll want to watch your technical SEO very carefully.

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