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Location based keywords

I have been working on my website seo factors and have noticed something odd with some location based keywords. I see my rank swing wildly day to day can be up / down 30-40 places without any edits. I think I am overall moving up on those particular keywords (they are higher competition as they are for my service in the city I am based rather than just suburb), but it is really hard to tell with the volatility. These swings are consistent across various tools (though all report slightly different positions) such as SEMrush accutracker brightlocal. Can anyone help clarify for me why this is happening and if it is something I should be concerned about?
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  • Michael Martinez: Local search traffic can be highly volatile depending on holidays, seasons, local economics, and many other things. You should track your data through the search engine`s data rather than 3rd party tools. The 3rd party tools must interpret limited data and they are not very accurate.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: In addition to the factors Michael mentions above... you also have to consider that local search results vary considerably depends upon where the person happens to be at the moment they make the search.

    For example, if you`re in a summer weekend dest

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