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My schema graph gone down very badly, is it penalty?

Query on schema :-

1) Other than homepage if I list "Website" & "Organization" at category page, product listing page, product page, contact us page etc then is it wrong thing and my website will go in penalty?

2) By Mistake at product listing page I have implemented listed products as this - schema(dot)org/Product which now I have corrected as schema.(dot)org/ListItem so again as per google is it penalty?

My schema graph gone down very badly. But I have not received any message from google for manual penalty?

Schema guide everywhere confusing and every people are confused how to implement. It should be with example site.

So what google is doing no one knows. Also google should define if things really a cloaking then it should be in penalty but wrong implementation which is not really a cloaking it should not be penalty. And if suppose google gives penalty then it should give reason what things are wrong for which penalty occurred?

It is Google monopoly that`s why Google playing with people, this should not be attitude of "Google Sir". Google you are great but still lots of improvement required.

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  • Gerry White: What you’ve done is absolutely fine and won’t (shouldn’t) be at any risk, I tend to only put it on the homepage, as I tend to want to limit this on other pages
  • Chase Reiner Seo: 1. I wouldn’t use organization markup on every page, just the home page. 2. Why would you use list item instead of product for product pages?
  • Rotimi Orims: You are mistaken if you think Google can penalize you for improper phrasing of your schema vocabulary. Not to talk of giving you a "manual penalty". A manual penalty is a big deal. If your JSON-LD or RDFa code is broken, you RDF sentences are not logical, then all that will happen is that Google will simply not be able to properly parse your linked data, which in turn means you won`t get rich snippets in their search results. There is really no cause for alarm. lol

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