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G+ is closing down in 10 months, time to plan an exit strategy

So G+ is going in 10 months, time to plan an exist strategy.

So over the years I have written quite a few G+ articles and some have featured snippets - what to do?

Articles that appear in featured snippets, I will probably just update to say - No longer in existence and link to a G+ is Dead article.

But what to do with all the others ? I can 404 some with little traffic and 301 some with decent traffic to the G+ is Dead article.

But lets see if you guys and gals can come up with something interesting ideas 3, 2, 1


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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Dan Thies: We you ever driving traffic to something you owned? You’re thinking about recovering links to content but what about the audience?
  • Jobin John: Little confused. When it says it will remain open for enterprises does that mean the brand accounts created are safe? Or is that for corporates like big names only.
  • Michael Martinez: Google said they will give people the ability to download their content. I suspect you`ll be able to republish your Google+ content elsewhere. I would go ahead and manually grab the articles I thought were worth saving and republish them now. It won`t hurt anything if you do that.
  • Michael Stricker: /\ what Michael Martinez said /\ I’m making a bio and update announcement about preferred channels upon which to find my writings or commune with my angsty soul.

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