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Pros and cons for a .org domain from SEO point of view

I have to choose a domain for a NGO. Are there any pros and cons for a domain .org from SEO point of view or I should go with the .ro cause the website will be only in Romanian. The price for the domain is the same.Thanks in advance!

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  • Michael Martinez: There is no direct SEO advantage for using any kind of top-level domain. However, Googler John Mueller is on record saying that Google`s algorithms are more likely to associate most country code TLDs with specific languages. That doesn`t mean you cannot publish in English or Deutsch on a Chinese Website, but the algorithms might be more likely to treat the site as Chinese (he did not elaborate on what that means). Most people these days are unaware of the original intent behind .ORG (which was to be used for organizations and individuals) and so I doubt they would be more likely to link to a .ORG than a .RO. But it might be easier to associate the NGO brand with a .ORG domain in the public mind depending on how extensively the domain name itself is promoted.
  • Cristian Raileanu: Thanks for you answer
  • Perry Bernard: CON: .ORG is a generic top level domain and will rely on other signals (hreflang, targeting in GSC, language use on the site) to signal that it is Romanian.
  • Perry Bernard: PRO: .ORG can be associated in the mindset of the public as a favourable place because of association org has with typically non-profits.
  • Perry Bernard: CON: .ORG is not country associated, so another possible mindset is that it is an international and not relevant enough for locals

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