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Do I have to fill title and alt description for each image?

Using Yoast, how important is it to fill out all the information for each image to hit all the Yoast settings?

Or is simply filling out the keywords you want on the title, description and alt text enough?

If anyone has any guides to image SEO I`d love to see them as well.

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  • Neil Cheesman: Personally, I would say that Yoast is a TOOL - use the tool and don`t let it use you.
  • Roger Montti: You don`t need Yoast to do that. This function is a part of the WordPress core. Go to your Media section, click on an image, then fill out the fields precisely. ALWAYS fill out those fields as you upload your image at the moment you are uploading. Never just upload an image without doing that. And always use a descriptive file name.
  • Dante J Funari: This section, correct?That was my main question, was filling out this information all that was really needed, rather than entering the Yoast settings on the media attachment page.
  • Roger Montti: The title and alt text. A caption if you want that displayed beneath the image.The description you don`t have to fill out, as long you don`t display a separate page for that image. You really should not display a separate page for that image.

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