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Between Title tag and H1 tag

Hi all, for those who use Elementor... from what I understand `title tag` is Google friendly and H1 is user friendly (SEO), when I use the posts widget in elementor it pulls the `title tag` (Google friendly) not sure how to make it pull H1 tag which is meant for user friendly, hope this makes sense... I`ve tried all sorts of combinations but no joy, or maybe I need to use a SEO plugin to achieve this. Thank you in advance.

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  • Michael Martinez: Google is as likely to use an H1 for its scoring systems as a page title. They look at many parts of a document when assessing relevance, quality, etc.

    Some people believe in aligning or repeating the title`s content with the H1 content. Some people believe in making them somewhat different.

    Either way, you should feel confident about what you`re doing. If you constantly second-guess yourself you won`t be very happy.

    You don`t need to do anything to make sure Google sees the H1. They do.
  • Zac Masih: that`s great thank you, and very true

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