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Press Release serves for backlinking?

Give Your opinion about using Press Release serves for backlinking? Is it good??

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  • George G.: No. Always nofollow links from PR.
  • Abubakar Mughal: nofollow links are helpful for making website DA, PA Strong ?
  • George G.: Who cares about da pa? I dont. You should not either. PR are used to spread news. Not for link building. You ll get a penalty if you get 100 dofollow links from the very same article.
  • Abubakar Mughal: George G. Thanks ... I did a mistake same as you mention above...... my site traffic drop almost 50% after this. Tell me is there any solution or suggestion what to do next ? ? ?
  • George G.: Disawol
  • Abubakar Mughal: George G. ok Thank you so much
  • Rebecca Lehmann: No. Huge waste of money.
  • Suraj Gadage: Its good for branding exercise if your press release is getting syndicated across the right platform.
  • Rob Woods: nope. Don`t bother. Unless it`s on a major newswire and it`s something reporters actually might care enough about to be interested in and write a story about (which is an extremely high bar), then you "might" get a link because of the PR but links only from the PR services and sites they syndicate to are worthless.
  • Karin Tierney: If you get your press release out on a platform or network that distributes them then yes. It at least sends signals that legitimize the business. If you do them properly you`ll usually get a spike in traffic as well.

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