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Keyword is ranking on the wrong page

I am going to develop a new site for a customer that has a bad and slow site right now. The site is ranking top-1 on two keywords. The bad is that it it is ranking on the wrong page. When I do the new site, can I do a 301-redirect to the right page of the site? Of course with Yoast and the other SEO on page optimization in concern.

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  • Lyndon NA: When you say "wrong page", you mean Google is ranking a page from that site for that term, but it`s not the page the site owner wants?Yes, you could 301 redirect.But ... that page is ranking for a reason.It would likely serve the client better to understand why that page ranks for that term, and why the page they want to rank for that term doesn`t.Further, if you are going to 301 redirect "unwanted" to "wanted", what will happen to the content on the "unwanted" page?
  • Helén Andersson: The owner had a page called lets say office-south-stockholm. That page has existed for 8 years (its an office hotel in Stockholm where people can rent work places) After a while he bought another office hotel in Stockholm office-north-stockholm. Then he did a site called lets say officegroup-stockholm and created 2 pages where one of them is the former office-south-stockholm and the other office-north-stockholm. When a person search for office in stockholm, the office-south-stockholm comes up high on goolge, when the desired page actually is office-group-stockholm so that people can see that there is two offices in stockholm to choose between. On the first page we should of course fokus on office in stockholm so that the relevanse is there. Did I explain understandable? :)

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