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I want to invest around $1000 on a blog


I need guidance, I want to invest around $1000 on a blog. I have 2 options.

1- I already acquired a new domain, Theme, and Logo
2- I have a domain/blog which Penalized from Google in 2012 due to thin content (I think). It has DA 54/PA51. It has 40 Unique visitors per day as I am not working on this one. www.webmastergrade.com (I hope its not against the rule to share URL)

My question is should I Invest in new domain or domain which has good DA/PA but maybe still penalized, although I can see even some of the existing article still rank on google 1st page + DA/PA increased from 2012 to 2018

Waiting for your sincere and expert advice.

Usman Ghani
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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Richard Hearne: Did old domain receive a manual penalty? What have you done to clean it up?
  • Usman Ghani: I didn’t see anything in webmaster tools, so I deleted all the posts which have 1% contents and 99% images and wrote some new articles.
  • Usman Ghani: I also added lot of spammy backlinks to disavow file
  • Michael Martinez: Given that domain authority has no relevance in Google`s search results, I think the fact you disavowed spammy links and removed old content gives you a slight advantage with the domain you already have. But if you`re buying high quality content, $1000 won`t take you very far. You would do better to write 1-2 articles per month yourself, of the type that you yourself would find interesting and that you yourself would link to. The best freelance writers are not cheap. Save your $1000 and build a site that you enjoy visiting and working on in your spare time.

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