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What`s the best for SEO, AMP, or responsive design?

What is best for creating a new technology news site for SEO, AMP, or responsive design?
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  • Sasch Mayer: Most Importantly: A fresh approach with fresh insights, priority access to new information/technologies, and the ability to create compelling content...Other than that it`s a coin toss between AMP and Responsive. Personally I favor a high-quality responsive design... but you`ll find plenty of others who`ll tell you otherwise...
  • Lyndon NA: I`ll second that.Yes - optimization for UX is important, and so is SEO ...... but you must have something worth peoples time.If you build the site right, proper technical SEO will give you a solid foundation. Good content and promotion will get you links.But without good content, you are simply wasting your time.I`d also look at what is wrong/missing with competitors.Is there another way to label/group/navigate?Is there a way to encourage discussions and attach User Generated Content for maximum gain and promotion?etc. etc. etc.
  • Miguel Angel VG: AMP & Responsive
  • Ahmed Abd El-Aziz: +Miguel Angel VG How is this possible to build a website with AMP & Responsive together?

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