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What happens if I`m not focusing on local optimization?

I`m working with a well-known restaurant group. They have 8 well-known restaurants and are trying to grow their catering side of the business. Everything is on one domain.

Their catering/events side of the business handles weddings, corporate events, and other social (non-profits/fundraising galas, etc). Some of their venues are their restaurants themselves, while others are off-site locations that exclusively use my client as the food caterer.. so each venue is a
"restaurant-group-name event venue"and is marketed as such.

They have shared with me that their focus will be on corporate & non-profit catering. BC they have a wide range of venues that can fit almost any need, they want to focus on driving leads to their general catering form (not marketing heavily on individual venues themselves), so they can then talk with the lead and match them up with the right venue option based on size, budget, interest, etc.

Any general advice or tips? I don`t want to focus TOO much on local optimization (off-site stuff) for the individual venues themselves because that will get messy, so I am optimizing for the entity of "restaurant-group-name catering & events"..there`s not a specific location for that, obviously, but a solid landing page.

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  • Tim Capper: I really think you are going to miss out on a ton of localised traffic if you don`t optimise the 8 locations for events / catering.I would create a Catering section on site and within that have pages for different types of events, menu`s (selection) and venues (you can also tie in the local here).I know they don`t want to concentrate on venues, but having been in this industry for 25yrs, people search venue 1st, create a shortlist and then look at catering options available to them.

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