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What does Page Rank Zero mean?

What does actually  PR(Page Rank) 0 means?????

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  • Martino Mosna: actually, 0 = 0,49 or less
  • natraj seo: PR=0 actually it means if new domain and existing domain does not have proper backlinks or inner links and quality content, defaultly Google gives 0 PR.  ;Based on your activity which i mention above will helps to increase page rank in future....
  • Tony McCreath: This is the toolbar pagerank which is an infrequently updated rough score based on the true PageRank result used in the algorythms.<br /><br />A new website page has no pagerank. Once it&#39;s been evaluated it gets a score from 0 to 10 which is a exponential scale where 10 is the highest.<br /><br />Page rank is based on links to a page and the PR they have. A PR of zero means you don&#39;t have many.
  • Best Little Promohouse in Texas: How long does it take a new website to be evaluated for pagerank ?
  • Tony McCreath: Generally you have to wait till the next update which can be 6 months but I have seen the odd new site show a ranking between updates.
  • natraj seo: Hi ,<br /><br />As per the discussion above, Based on your quality content, quality backilnks, customer engagement , inner links with anchor, txt e.t.c., there are lost of activity to increase page rank.
  • Tony McCreath:  ;PageRank is purely based on links. All the other things you mentioned have no relevance.<br /><br /><br /><br />PageRank is only one of the many factors Google uses to determine what makes it into a particular search results. And the Toolbar PageRank we see is a very rough and out of date estimate to that.<br /><br />Don&#39;t chase Toolbar ;PageRank. Just use it as an excuse for a celebration if it goes up. Chase the true goals for your website: traffic, leads, sales, subscriptions, MONEY.

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