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Keywords Distribution

Hi, I recently watched SEO Yoast videos and it was mentioned about competing with yourself while using the same keywords on different pages on the same website. My website offers niche holidays to various destinations and for SEO purposes i have to use the same keywords on every product page. Would you suggest to make the homepage a cornerstone content with the main keywords instead? and then what about the 20 product pages, should i disable keywords on those page not to confuse search engines about which page is more important that the other ?
any help appreciated.


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  • Abhijith VM: If those 20 product pages are for 20 different locations, then it should be fine. Besides, if you`re talking about disabling the meta keywords, there is little effect on doing that.
  • Michael Martinez: It`s okay to have more than one page about a specific topic. You should not think in terms of "keywords per page" or "page per keywords". If the pages serve real purposes (other than for ranking in specific queries) then don`t get caught up in SEO anxieties about "competing with yourself". The same Website can have as many as four pages in a single search results page. It happens often and there is nothing wrong with that if the search engine`s algorithms decide that is what searchers should see. Your concern should be about making each page on your site as useful and distinctive as possible. Don`t replicate your efforts for the sake of covering every possible variation on a query.
  • Linda Caplinger: I have this discussion continually at work - different BUs all competing against each other for the same terms and hell breaking loose when "that other BU" is ranking better. It`s ok as you state, to have more than one page about a topic, but you can also dilute your visibility by doing too much of this...but in the end, it really depends on the expectations of your organization. I can`t tell you how many times enterprise marketing freaks out when the developer pages outrank them, or the corporate blog.
  • Michael Martinez: Linda Caplinger No argument there. I once advised the producer of an insurance Website (she was the team manager) to take their 200+ articles about a single state form and combine them down to no more than 4 articles. The corporate marketing machinery can definitely turn a Website into a morass of meaningless repetition.
  • Linda Caplinger: Michael Martinez so true!
  • Becky Westmoreland: What do you mean by "disable" keywords. Are you talking about meta keywords?

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