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I want the same breadcrumbs as Amazon

Friends please suggest me how to segregate below links in Search Engine . The First link is use Bread Crumbs and the Second Link also use Bread Crumbs but the difference you can see . So please tell me how can i make my website breadcrumbs look like image number 2. ? Or is there any custom way to do this. Please Suggest

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  • Justin Y:

    I don`t think you can control that. My guess is that Google generates these links automatically. It could also be that it is the first item they detect on the page when being scraped. Just a thought.

  • Collin Davis:

    have a look at this article + Shows exactly how you can get them >>

  • Tony McCreath:

    If it works in the rich snippet tool then it`s just a case of waiting with fingers crossed. I find breadcrumbs show up quite quickly, days for the first one and weeks for it to complete:

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