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Disavow question

Disavow question: I have a site with a disavow file attached to the HTTP view in GSC that is several years old but still necessary as the site was penalised for poor links.

The file hasn`t been uploaded to the HTTPS view after migrating a year ago. Best practice is to upload the file to the HTTPS view when migrating.

Question 1: Am I right in saying that even though the file is attached only to the HTTP view, it still applies to the domain as a whole?

Question 2: Are there any risks in uploading the file to HTTPS view now, a year after migrating? Thanks in advance!

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  • Alan Bleiweiss: It is never wise to rely on Google to "figure it all out" with ANYTHING you can directly control. If the disavow was done properly based on manual evaluations, and not an automated evaluation tool, then the only risk is if Google has been counting links flagged in the disavow file as being helpful to the site, yet where those are really toxic. In that scenario, there is a low level possibility that you may see some lower rankings. Yet if that`s the case, you can remove the disavow after uploading. Conversely, I prefer to help clients understand that a proper disavow is an inoculation / preventive medicine. So I would upload it to the https account.

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