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Can you change Titles too often?

I have a Dump SEO Questions .  I was talking to a Friend about Onpage SEO. He was saying that if we Optimize Title , make Changes Too Often in Title , Their is a Algorithm that Triggered & you are derank in SERP. isthat right ?

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Answers from the Dumb SEO Questions Panelists.

  • Tim Capper: Have not heard of this, but lets face it, why would you change your title all the time If you were changing constantly, I think Google might set their own title for the page, but as for a penalty, no I dont think so.

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  • Brad Fogel: If you have your Title tag optimized around the keyword phrase for your company on the page, example "Chicago Marketing Agency", and then change it to something else, yes it will hurt against those keywords you originally optimized the web page for when Google/Bing recrawls your website. The meta Title tag is a part of the algorithm they use in ranking sites. Should keep it the same unless you need to adjust as those keywords are too competitive to rank for or you change what the web page is about or trying to rank for alternative keyword phrase. Just don't keep changing for the sake of changing. 
  • Jon Dunn: There is no algorithm triggered for frequent changing of a title tag. 
  • Jam Hassan: Really ?
  • Jon Dunn: Yes.
  • Brad Fogel: The Title tag is the most important if not one of the most important things you can implement for on-page SEO. It helps you rank for keywords on the page you are trying to rank for and is good part of the algo. Not sure understands what you are ultimately asking. If you constantly change your Title tag centered around keywords that you are ranking for you can bet you may drop in the search engine results pages. 
  • Jon Dunn: Quite the opposite - I think it is you not understanding the question. Of course if you remove keywords from the strongest onpage element your rankings may drop. The question is about being "deranked" because of frequency of change.
  • Al Remetch: I don't know about this. But I have seen excessive frequent changes to the local business listing bounce listings from top rankings. 
  • Jon Dunn: I have seen websites where the page titles change dynamically on a daily basis rank just fine in regular serps.
  • Brad Fogel: We can agree to disagree but Jam is new to SEO so you may so "of course", but that's what I believe he is trying to confirm and what his friend was trying to portray (lost in translation). Jam being a beginner, I believe he means "derank" to mean lower in the SERP's if they take out a keyword phrase and then put in a new keyword phrase within Title often and him not understanding that changing keywords used in Title tags has implications in where you rank. I don't think his friend was meaning frequency being that it seems he knows a bit about SEO. Ultimately changing the Title keywords phrases frequently will change his ranking for the keywords they are trying to rank for.
  • Jon Dunn: Over to you - did you mean frequency or just changing in general?
  • Brad Fogel: Sure, because the Title tag is only part of the algorithm. You take a smaller site like mine and it will drop if changed for another keyword phrase. An Amazon or big site has so many other things going for it like PR, page authority, domain authority, backlinks, site trust, etc that they may not see much of a fluctuation if they change or alter a Title on the web page. Our SEO system monitors ranking changes and just by doing a Title change and some basic on-Page SEO rankings  ;move up over 100 spots many times or drop if trying to rank for another keyword phrase. ;
  • Jam Hassan:  ; I want to confirm Frequency , I know if i am No 3 on "Global SEO" Keyword  ;& change it to some thing else i will lose Rank. But my Intentions of the questions was to confirm that If i am changing title tag Very often . Even every 15 days to Some thing else does that Trigger any Algorithm , Google may think that I hire Any SEO Firm that doing Some thing Wrong . :?
  • Brad Fogel:  ; You may want to expand on the question back as changing the Title frequently (to different keywords) and changing Title in general may de-rank for the keyword phrase originally used and have your re-ranked for the new keyword phrase if heavily weighted to that particular page. This is what he really needs to understand. ; ;, ultimately, if you make frequent Title changes to New keyword phrases you will most likely rank lower for those keyword phrases in the search engine results pages (its weighted highly in Googles algorithm in ranking websites) and possibly move higher for your new keyword phrase used in the Title tag if used correctly elsewhere within the content body of your web page and correctly use in the <H1> tags, <H2> tags, <strong> tags, etc while not overdoing it to look spammy.  ;Frequently changing Title tags will move you up and down according to the rest of your on page SEO and how well your competitors are ranking in SEO factors. ;
  • Jon Dunn: , as I thought its a frequency question and not a question about removing keywords from title. Changing the title frequently wont trigger any filter/penalty in my opinion.<br /><br /> , looks like he understands the basics and the impact of removing keywords from page titles which you keep reffering to for some reason. 
  • Ian Smith: I see no reason for a demotion of rankings.
  • Ivan Muljevski: He is right. Do not change your titles. If you make small changes once , thats ok. If you make changes more than 2 -3 time your page will be penalized.
  • Jim Munro: Consider that this conversation could have been more instructive and useful to others if we had  ;taken care to stipulate  ;opinions as opinions so that they are not misread as facts.
  • Alexander Robinson: Deranking usually occurs when the search engines change their algorithm, you are penalized or if you make changes to effect your position. I suggest changing your TITLE Tag only if it&#39;s called for. 
  • Abhishek Kumar: You should change title and other meta tags once in 3-4 months not on a regular basis...But in that case your content of the site should also change..
  • Jim Munro: Guys - these are just opinions - please point out that you are stating personal opinions when you make statements that you cannot provide a reference link for.
  • Abhishek Kumar: Google itself says they have 200 ranking factors But no one including Google itself can give any Reference link So i think everything in SEO is Just as opinions.. We do hell lot of things which trick will will take off your website no one knows..
  • Dave Elliott: In my opinion (see i listen!) it doesn&#39;t matter. For example if you had a blog and kept the same title(ie my awesome blog) but changed the date on it every time you added content (ie my awesome blog last updated 28/07/13) then that shouldn&#39;t make a difference. If however, you were changing the word awesome to outstanding, to amazing quite often then i wouldn&#39;t be shocked if you didn&#39;t rank as well as you might if you hadn&#39;t made the change.
  • Abhishek Kumar: Hey blog may rank for the content what we are writing if you we have not optimized out title tags... Sir could you please give any 200 ranking factors Reference Link what google talks about..and prove it that the site will rank only by these guidelines...
  • Jim Munro:  ;. You are welcome here and all opinions are valid but the aim of our community is to provide clarity. We cannot achieve our aim if we just add to the noise.<br /><br />What I see in this thread is many good people with differing views but there is no way for the casual reader to judge the value of one opinion over another, particularly when opinions are worded strongly as if they were facts.<br /><br />All I am asking is that you respect and consider other opinions and address  ;previously-stated opinions while ;constructing your responses if your opinion differs.<br /><br />Simply stating an opposite view is not helpful or useful to anyone.
  • Abhishek Kumar: Sorry for mu comment :-( but as u mentioned for any reference link so i asked...
  • Dave Elliott: Hold on? Are we on about PAGE title, or as in h1, h2 titles? I have assumed page in my answer. ;
  • Justin Y: I&#39;ve never heard of anything like this. I believe the only thing that will affect your rank depends on the keywords being used in your title not on how many times you change them. 
  • Tim Capper: Have not heard of this, but lets face it, why would you change your title all the time<br /><br />If you were changing constantly, I think Google might set their own title for the page, but as for a penalty, no I dont think so.
  • Charles Lee: Yes, as mentioned, why would one change their page title on a regular basis? <br /><br />If it really helps in rankings, I would want to change my page titles to match &quot;trending&quot; keywords daily too! <br /><br />
  • Jim Munro: Assuming Googlebot crawls a particular page once every two weeks, you could make ten changes a day for a fortnight but only one would be seen.

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