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Alina Carter needs help answering question from a person

Hello Community, here is my question....
I`m working in a SEO firm and the company is providing top class SEO services all around the Rochester, almost every customer is happy with our services because they are getting all that what we promised.. So question arise here...

I was taking to a person who is thinking of becoming a rep for us. He told me that he went home and typed in :
"SEO rochester, ny" and we did not show up anywhere in the list.
If we cannot promote our own site, how well do you think we can do with others? That is the question he has asked. 
What do you think I should tell him?

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  • Dave Elliott: Excuse #1) We tend to get most of our SEO business from existing clients as an added value service from when we design their website so we don&#39;t optimise for this phrase overly.(obviously only works if you offer lots of other services)<br /><br />Excuse #2) Some metaphor about a plumber always having  ;worse plumbing than his clients as they don&#39;t get the time.<br /><br />Excuse #3) ;its very competitive keyword blah blah. (boooooooooo)<br /><br />Excuse #4) Most of our competitors are black hats who will rank well for a month and then disappear a month later. We do things right, and the results we have achieved for our clients speak for themselves (this is the best excuse) ;<br /><br />But bottom line is he has a point! Also, how is a potential employee telling you where you rank for that phrase? Are you not tracking your own ranks? SEO + location is really something you should know where you rank! (we are top 5 in our local!)
  • Ranu Jain: If I would have been at his place, I would have asked the same question.<br /><br />But if you want to convince that guy, you can give references of your clients, show their testimonials, make him speak to a few clients, can share the reports showing how well they are performing after taking your services. ;<br /><br />Meanwhile, start working on your site&#39;s SEO too because it is very important to rank well for the services you are offering to others. Then only you can build faith and increase your sales. ;
  • Tara clarinette: Le cordon bier est Le plus mal chausse.
  • Ranu Jain: Hey  ;,<br /><br />On a lighter note, everyone has their own views. What you have suggested are all valid points but don&#39;t you think that rather than giving excuses we should put up things that are in our favor. I think this will have more impact. ;
  • Lisa Fausey: Because we prefer to select our clients rather than just work for anyone. 
  • Sergio Aicardi: The bigger question should be why is your company site not ranking? If you  ;need some help with ranking your company site for competitive keywords, you should reach out to me. ;
  • Greg Kristan: Hi  ;. I actually get this question a lot at work.<br /><br />The best answer is to provide potential clients current or past clients as referrals. If after speaking to actual clients they are still concerned about that actual keyword then they are not worth your time. Let your work speak for your service as that is what they are interested in!
  • Greg Baka: I think that should give the potential rep some interview bonus points for thinking like a customer. I&#39;ve hired SEO help in the past, and I always check to make sure that the company ranks well in a search for their area of expertise.<br /><br />There are the old jokes about the local mechanic driving the worst junker, and the local housepainter with peeling shutters - but they are jokes not badges of honor.<br /><br />Get you local ranking cranked up. It may be your best form of advertising. People won&#39;t call you if they don&#39;t find you....
  • Clement Low: Simple, you can tell them the truth. I also didn&#39;t optimised my site for the main services I offer due to not to attract unwanted attention from competitors. I just show the testimonials and case studies and trust me, if you know your stuff these are more then enough. 
  • Julien Prince: Or, ;the cobbler&#39;s children go barefoot :-)
  • Greg Kristan: Great point !
  • Lisa Fausey: your comment about competitors is so true. I&#39;ve tested this by posting something specifically to see if competitors are watching and have had them call my client almost immediately. Funny thing is they never call my husband about his business, lol. 
  • Ashish Ahuja: Our site was negative seod by a competitor<br /><br />Or show him the terms you are ranking for otherwise there are 100 excuses but if I were the rep not getting ranked for local seo terms is not digestible for local seo firm

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