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Advanced and Perhaps a Dumb Tech Question

Advanced and Perhaps a Dumb Tech Question

A client of mine is using JSP (Java Server Pages) for their dynamic showcasing of their website and the data is not being picked up at all by search engines even with the meta-data being implemented. I have not started on the auditing process yet but will do it soon.

Now the question. Do any modern websites still use /index/jsp? The reason for asking is that all of my tools are resulting in a 200 Status Code but does not proceed any further outside the main TLD. The sites main TLD gets automatically redirected to a /index.jsp page and this also returns a 200 status code but no additional crawling afterwards. It is baffling to see that nothing gets passed that. No robots.txt files and neither do I see any web.xml. Any thoughts?

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  • Michael Martinez: Sounds to me like all URLs are being mapped to one Servlet. I don`t know enough about Java to go beyond that extrapolation. Some sites use only one Servlet and others use multiple Servlets. Maybe the server isn`t configured properly? Maybe the application deployment is misconfigured?
  • Jim Munro: I just error-checked a brand-new site using SEMrush audit and it advised half of the navigation links on the home page are broken - more than 1100. Did not see them by just looking around the site. Consider a site audit to see what googlebot is seeing.

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