Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 59.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 59. Hangout On Air Video
00:02:38Google Webmaster Tools Index Reports
00:04:44What`s the acceptable percentage of links with same anchor text against overall link profile?
00:08:26Should I use a redirect or just a link from an old domain to a new domain?
00:14:44We are looking for tool that can make bulk check for website PR, DA, PA and Alexa?4.5
00:18:39Can a domain name change to a short domain have an impact?4
00:28:43How much of a differece Sub Domain vs. Sub Directory make in 2013?
00:33:58Do you include keyword phrase in the URL/title if you want to rank for them?
00:43:37Should I be concerned about W3C Validator?
00:45:37Is there proof that social signals from google+ or FaceBook are a ranking factor?
00:51:49Is it OK to delete pages and republish the same or similar content on different urls?
00:55:32I`ve noticed some drastic changes in ranking.
01:00:27Are Google updates and rollouts happening quicker?
01:01:49What`s the difference between rel="publisher" and rel="author"
01:04:40Google Image Mismatch Penalty: Something new? What is It?
01:16:33Do you think web directory submission still effective?
01:20:36WP Configuration Issue.
01:22:28Does anyone have direct experience using Pro SEO Tools?
01:27:25Would it be better to use the dedicated Link button when posting on G+?
01:32:57What if I move one of my popular websites under another popular website?
01:36:13Using canonical feature to pass ranking credits to original page.
01:37:46Is it fine to hosting many sites on the same ip address?
01:41:19 Should I be aggressively seeking link exchanges to boost inbound links to new site for SEO?
01:48:07Should articles be in the same language as the site they are promoting?
01:52:17How much time will i have to wait until google completely reindex my site?
02:00:47Would you put locations into the title and H1 of EACH page?
02:22:26We`ve dropped for two keyphrases which won for years.
02:22:41Aggregate star ratings, markup and reviews.
02:22:52What is the best url format?
02:27:29I want to secure top 3 position for this keyword.
02:33:19Will the link still be crawled and followed by google?