Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 58

Thursday, November 14, 2013

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 58 Hangout On Air Video
00:01:38What does this warning means in webmaster tools?
00:03:03Backlinks for blogs? Any good ideas?
00:06:07Any thoughts on designing a mobile website? Anyone have experience w/ responsive design?
00:12:48One of the directories I am in is being reviewed by Google. Should I be concerned that my website will be penalized?
00:17:05Hi everyone - advice needed! Our traffic has halved with no sign of recovery and we arent showing up in serps
01:15:50Play fair, Google+. :)
01:22:29What is Humming bird algorithm? What is the best way to stay safe from hummingbird algorithm
01:28:05If I redirect a page that lives on domain A to a page that lives on domain B, what will that visitor type show up as in Google Analytics?
01:31:19 I have a question about managing social media accounts for clients within an SEO agency
01:36:36Question for all, anyone have any experience with this error photos?
01:39:02How do I appear on the first page of google with the `long stemmed` balloon symbol and address etc
01:43:29We was wondering if posting at sites with this URL structure will help our SEO
01:48:31Do you know the basic and the range salary for part time webdesigner + SEO and their job description?
01:50:01Here`s a structure question that really has me puzzled. Can anyone tell me what I`m missing here?
01:53:46 Can anyone tell me how we can take leverage in terms of SEO from Yahoo Groups?
02:05:54I recently took on seo work for a client, I wanted to gather a few opinions
02:11:33How would i check or know if any website gone in penalty after Google update?
02:14:41Will Google penalize my website for having this other content?
02:17:58Wanted to know how much time does it take for the rankings to change
02:22:24How do I report this to Google? Can someone help me with that?
02:25:38I am looking for advice on SEO and back links for articles that I write for Infobarrel
02:27:18Lot of anchor text with brand name pointing to home page. Will Penguin kick in action or an exception?
02:30:31An SEO Question Related to Chrome Browser
02:32:10Does anybody have any suggestions on how to improve your Google Shopping products?
02:33:08Does permalink change will influence SEO?
02:34:51What is the best free backlink tool for website audits? Any recommendations?
02:35:19Is there anywhere else that has a tool that allows me to find top keywords searched online?
02:38:06This isn`t exactly a SEO questions, but is related, so hopefully someone can help
04:00:00What`s the acceptable percentage of links with same anchor text against overall link profile?