Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 57

Thursday, November 7, 2013

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 57 Hangout On Air Video
00:02:33Can the Facebook API cause more harm than good by significantly increasing page load times?
00:05:11Can using social sharing widgets such as `Add this` can have a negative impact on a web site via slower load times?
00:06:47Does anyone have experience with the Google Analytics Wordpress Plugin by Yoast?
00:10:11Tips for SEO for our newly launched website.
00:15:57Is it worth the time and effort to set up Bing`s WMT?
00:20:50Do nofollow links pass value?
00:21:22How do SEO agencies really, and I mean REALLY build links for clients websites?
00:27:43What exactly is a soft 404 page and why should I have one?
00:28:36I updated my site and cannot be found in SERPS.
00:34:53Is having more than 1 SEO plugin bad for SEO?
00:37:15I am looking to geo target a WordPress site, can anyone advise a good plugin for this?
00:41:52Nofollow links and all in one seo: What if I have a page, that has an affiliate link and an internal link to a page on my site? 3
00:45:13When setting up the geographic target, which site I should choose?
00:51:09Are there any effective ways to optimize single-page websites built to encourage scrolling rather than clicking?
00:57:07Any thoughts on woorank.com?
00:58:01Are Google letting through exact match domains (EMD) for lower volume searches?
01:05:59For SEO purposed should I develop landing pages or Blog Posts?
01:09:18Wordpress, Yoast and canonical links.
01:12:27 Will longer website pages do better for the KEY SEARCH TERM?
01:23:59How to earn a top 3 position for my town name?
01:30:53Is there a way to keep the ranking of a blogger site when moving to Wordpress?
01:36:07How can I prevent negative marketing or link building against my website?
01:39:30What if I do not 301 redirect my old domain to my new domain?
01:42:38What risks will we incur by changing to responsive design?
01:49:29Will it cause any SEO problems if I remove a menu item from my navigation?
01:52:43 Can anyone direct me to articles regarding this xml sitemaps?
01:56:08What should I do with my old, keyword related domains?
02:00:18Should I do Geotargeting if I want to promote our services to specific countries only?
02:03:42How to study for Google analytics exam?
02:08:58I read elsewhere that there is a bug within Google which means the RR button doesn`t show in WMT. Is this True?
02:09:07I`m trying to submit article on a site but getting following error "URL is invalid or blocked".
02:11:00I have FINALLY created the site and provided content and am NOWHERE to be found on Google.
02:22:32Is it possible to reset a website and restart?
02:22:36Which SEO tool or app would you want to use if it were free?
02:26:44I have been approved for a vanity google+ URL, but I do not like the one they`ve assigned me.
02:40:35What is the recommended amount of time an SEO`er should take as holiday on annual basis?