Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 56

Thursday, October 31, 2013

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 56 Hangout On Air Video
00:02:16Is it a good idea or bad idea to use rel="author" and rel="publisher" together?
00:09:45Can i trust the search engine bots to listen to my robots file?
00:16:33Is this a form of paid linking?
00:24:34Do you know how to fix "406 Not Acceptable error"?
00:43:20What would be the best way to increase our SEO presence that can be done in office?
00:46:55How we recover from Penguin 2.1?
00:54:40I`ve created a mobile site via a 3rd party company for my website.
01:00:42What are your views of giving something away for free, or a reduced rate to get a link?
01:06:56What are the similarities and/or differences between keywords and anchor text?
01:08:02Has anyone noticed that Google Analytics is not showing In Page Analytics anymore?
01:12:05Exact Match Domains. What do you recommend from a Marketing and from a SEO perspective?
01:16:20I found my PR became "NA" (N/A). What is NA?3
01:19:05How to get Google to drop the HTTPS version of my page in favor of the regular version?
01:22:50Will a vanity google+ URL make a big difference for future SEO optimization?
01:26:05What effect, (negative or positive), will placing more than one similar link (different params) on a website?
01:28:12I have a question about merging Google+ and Google Places listing.
01:31:20What is an anchor cloud?
01:34:38Would you create a daily post each day or use a summary page?
01:39:31Was there an update in Bing Search?
01:42:29Should I create a new blog on an other URL or on the same URL.
01:44:19Should I be concerned about a threat that a person will distribute our content at many blogs?
01:46:57Should I use Google Authorship to attribute my name to posts for clients?
01:50:02Is an SEO firm that has little or no presence here on G+ really worth considering?
01:54:42What is your opinion about EMD?
01:58:05How to do a redirect on sub domain i.e redirect www dot slim dot com/faqs.php to http slim dot com/faq.php?
02:00:44Penguin 2.1. Should i work on the original site or purchase a new domain name and start over?
02:03:15Is it best that all social media profiles match company website profile, for optimal SEO?
02:06:16Can someone point me to a resource that tells the best way to list articles on a website?
02:08:27Is there a tool to find Penguin problems and how to recover?
02:13:39Has anyone passed the Google AdWords Certification Exams since they transitioned to Google Partners?
02:14:34Due to algorithm update my site is affected and my rankings are down.