Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 54

Thursday, October 17, 2013

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 54 Hangout On Air Video
00:02:01An SEO Question about 301 Redirect
00:05:37A Question about page loading speed related to CSS and Javascript
00:15:23How often should I update my product page copy?
00:17:43My site has experienced a huge drop in organic traffic from Google only.
00:33:37Should I go to the grey area by doing a piece of BlackHat SEO to boost ranking?
00:39:47Should I link my site to my other website that has back links and some SEO juice or vice versa?4
00:43:01I have some doubt about focus keywrods, title & meta keywords can any one help in clarification?
00:45:01Would four PR3 backlinks be better than one PR5 backlink?
00:48:20Which do you find to be a more effective SEO method, Facebook or Twitter?
00:56:21My impressions have been cut in half. Does anyone have a good explanation for this?
01:02:14Do you have a company page on Google+ or do you think your company should be on Google+ ?
01:02:28Anyone has idea about that new Google Authorship Ranksin System? An urban legend or a fact that will change all the future of SEO?
01:04:30Anyone want to take a stab at how Google might deal with 302 redirect?
01:09:10If a website provides some service in all states and all counties of those states. I do need to maintain unique content for each state page and county page
01:12:20Am I hurting the ability of a page to rank better by not having it located in a subfolder that is linked from the homepage?
01:17:51Do ads appear before the Google `info box` if someone has created an ad for that specific search phrase?
01:20:38Hi there. Apologies in advance for this long message!
01:30:27I am looking for a over optimisation tool for checking pages. Which is the best?
01:34:03Google rolled out another update on Link spam just about a week after the Hummingbird update
01:35:35Has anyone tried removing domains from a disavow list they`ve submitted and resubmitting the shortened list?
01:39:52Is the name "druid gallery" any bad in some way, that may put off potential customer?
01:41:59Does the volume of visitors to your website increase its SEO? Also will a lower bounce rate help increase traffic?
01:44:24What is the difference between a text and a frame back link?
01:46:29I`m not sure 301 redirect is the best for my case, what should I do?
01:54:12Does anyone have an SEO service contract they can "generify" and share. I`m looking for a starting point.
02:02:02What are your favorite tools/websites for SEO? Moz? ahref? Google keyword planner? SEM Rush? Others?
02:06:14We was wondering if it is safe to add links to press release at blog posts?
02:13:28Do any of you know of any reputable business directories and/or communities for (white hat) link building?
02:17:49I`m finally getting around to breaking down breadcrumbs into Microdata. What`s the policy on not anchoring a parent category?
02:21:00Hello guys please let me know, today what is the new strategy in seo on Google ranking?
02:22:18What is the best way to show an RSS feed on a website?
02:24:42SEOprofiler.com Has anyone used it? Does it work? Worth the money? Free alternatives?
02:29:30Something strange happened to my website, please help
02:35:18Has anyone noticed a difference (positive or negative) between installing the image schema v. the imageObject tag?