Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 44.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 44. Hangout On Air Video
00:03:33I want to rank for the keyword "best funny pictures"5
00:13:38Does the length of the URL affect the SEO?
00:20:14How important/unimportant has keyword density become post-Penguin?
00:26:35Same site on two servers.
00:28:39Worst Local Search Results from Google, Ever!
00:30:22Do outbound links within your text help or harm your site?
00:35:44Is this a terrible result from Google?
00:38:17How is "authority" measured.
00:51:19Is there SEO benefit to having comments and reader interaction?
00:55:45Do multiple homepagebanners have any effect on your rankings?
01:01:32SEO and Semantic Search - Al Remetch & David Amerland
01:06:49Should I Display the date with meta Description of my Blog Post5
01:12:32Should I warn ex-clients if they are making a mistake?
01:33:18Press Release SEO Sucks: Now Even More Useless and Potentially Harmful
01:37:55 Should I wait to see if Google makes changes?
01:41:20How do i create a SEO Strategy for 100 different clients?
01:45:17What`s the exact definition of "Forensic SEO"?
01:48:07I have a question about Rich Snippets
01:49:38Is it OK to add hashtags to page descriptions?
01:53:24Did Google Analytics Stop Working For You?
01:55:17Is the $300 review fee and annual subscription to the Yahoo Directory worth the money?4.7
02:14:09Appearing in the "In-depth articles" feature - Webmaster Tools Help
02:25:01Is there markup to tell Google our site is a forum?
02:31:08Thinking aloud about author and publisher mark-ups.5