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Will Google punish my site for having too many incoming links from one domain?

Blog Comments (again):
I just checked my google webmaster account for my incoming links. I commented on a blog some month ago and suddenly I had nearly 300 links from them to my site, although I just made a single comment.
I guess they changed something on their wordpress blog and it damaged their code in a way, that my comment and link appeared on all of their pages. Notice the comment was only visible on screen on the actual post I commented on. Nontheless my comment and link appeared in the source code on every page of theirs.
I wrote them an email about it and they deleted the comment.
So my question is if something like this happens is google punishing my site for all those links??

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  • Brent Wildman: It can.<br />Having too many &quot;sitewide&quot; links, especially spammy ones, can hurt and maybe even penalize your site. Make sure all of your blog comment links are &quot;nofollow&quot; to be safe.´╗┐
  • Ranu Jain: Good that you wrote to them and got it fixed. You should be really concerned when you see hundreds of links from one domain, especially if that link contains anchor text and is do follow. ;<br /><br />Check out this post to see what Matt Cutts has to say about how Google handles site-wide links both algorithmically and manually: ´╗┐
  • Ashish Ahuja: The bump was not due to any problem with coding but a widget which displays recent comments on the blog on the sidebar. These links will slowly reduce as more comments are posted on the blog, so you do not need to worry about it and it will not cause a penalty´╗┐

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