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What would you say is your favorite CMS to do SEO work on?

What would you say is your favorite CMS to do SEO work on?

1) Wordpress
2) Magento
3) Shopify

What are the major differences??

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  • Brad Sacks: What would you say is your favorite CMS to do SEO work on?

    1) Wordpress
    2) Magento
    3) Shopify

    What are the major differences?
  • Marcus Wong: Without a doubt WordPress. Probably the most robust of the 3, considering the other 2 are mainly for e-commerce. Also, WordPress SEO by Yoast. nuff said.
  • Brad Sacks: I agree, wordpress is my favorite. I find it to be to the most user-friendly and straight forward platform to work with. I wanted to know if anyone else had the same/different view.
  • Marcus Wong: noted. Transitioning from WordPress to Magento, Drupal or Joomla was jarring for me. Still like my WordPress.
  • Raury Rodriguez: I agree WordPress its definitely a thumbs up!
  • Edwin Jonk: I would say, it depends. Personally I like Concrete5 because that is a CMS from the gecko. For ecommerce Magento is great and it is much better then the plugins for WP. On the other hand, WP can be great because many people already know WP and the learning curve isn't that huge....

    So it depends on the purpose of the site, imo.
  • Brad Sacks: Do you find that Shopify and Magento create more problems off the bat? I just find Wordpress allows you to control so much more right ;from the beginning.
  • Edwin Jonk: Out of the box Concrete5 is more flexible. For example you can noindex a page. Imo with regard to controls WP is pretty strict. Which can be a good things, but it does depend.
  • Jay Le Boutillier: As per SEO is concern Wordpress best CMS, however if you have an Ecommerce website then you can go with magento.
  • Brad Sacks: Would anyone agree that shopify is the least effective platform for SEO?
  • J. Alexander Curtis: I'd love to hear more about why many on here suggest magento as the best SEO friendly eCommerce platform. I am working on magento (enterprise edition) now and find it incredibly SEO un-friendly. I love the ease of working with SEO on Wordpress. Plugin development on Wordpress is also incredibly easy compared to Magento. 
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