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What if I lose control of my old domain?

I have two websites with same content and same structural layout, but the domain name is different for both. The old domain has more indexed pages as compare to new one. But i want to promote my new domain, although it is just duplicate of the old one. So please suggest me what should i do? What should be my SEO Strategy and how i execute it? Will Google consider it the duplicate one or the new one? Any suggestion please...

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  • Nishant Desai:

    Google will consider it as duplicate one. It is not recommended to duplicate the site on two different domains.

  • Shailaja Ramani:

    Hi + If you have access to your webmaster account of your old domain, you can use Disavow link tool to remove low quality old domain links and  start working on building quality backlinks for new domain also you can  use social networks for aggressive marketing.
    I hope this will help you

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