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Should I buy this expired domain?

Hi Guys,
So i found a Expired Domain in the same Niche just like my Moneysite. The Expired Domain has great contextual links from big Newssite in my Country and a clean History.

The Domain is going to cost around 1000 Euros. I never bought a domain that expensive but i know that a Expired Domain in the Same Niche with Great Links is worth every Penny.

My Question is:

The Domain is not indexed right now. Should I start a PBN with the Domain or should I 301 Redirect the Domain to my Homepage Moneysite?

And before i do the 301 Redirect should i first post some Content on the Domain and let it index and then Redirect it or should i redirect it straight?

What is the best way to go with a highly relevant and expensive Domain like this?

Looking forward to your answers.
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  • Michael Martinez: This is a common spam strategy with problematic consequences. Some people have received manual actions (penalties) for doing exactly what you propose.

    If you`re going to reclaim an expired domain, develop new content for it.

    Google says the old links won`t help and if they do help you don`t know which ones help or how long it will take them to help.
  • Ammon Johns: In addition to what already said, you need to understand that links from a major news site are a lot like links from a social network - great at the time, but because of the volume of content they produce, it is a link on just a few pages out of millions, so unless that particular story still has links from the homepage directly, its share of the link `juice` from the domain is almost zero.

    The only links worth much money are links on pages that have active traffic and attention. Put it this way, if you wouldn`t pay to have an advert on a particular page, then neither should you consider the link to be worth much.

    Pages and links are everywhere. Millions of new pages with tens of millions of links in them are created every single day. PageRank and other link metrics are a method of calculating the network structure, the percentage of all links that go to any given place either directly, or via just a few simple clicks. The links do not have a strict or fixed value, but a relative one - relative to all other links known to Google.

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