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Related posts: follow or nofollow?

Related posts on my website are nofollow. They are automated generated and all internal. Should I change it to follow or leave it as nofollow and why?
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  • David Harry: Not sure why you`d NF the "related posts" links... So, yea... I`d change it
  • Michael Martinez: Yes, definitely remove the "nofollow" attribute. There is absolutely no reason to nofollow internal links to content on your site. If you don`t trust your own content there is something wrong. It`s okay to use "nofollow" on links pointing to login pages, shopping carts, and other "user private" pages that you don`t want to be found in search.
  • David Ogletree: Related posts can help a lot but they have to done corectly. Don`t have too many and they should be truly related.
  • George G.: do not nofollow your internal links. this gives the engine signals that you dont trust your own content. i ve seen some themes (like newspaper) that do that by default and I ve seen quite a few guys complaining they dont rank using those themes... cos your onsite doesn not pass any juice or authority. tldr - always dofollow internal links.
  • Tony McCreath: What about faceted navigation links. I try and nofollow them to save Googlebot some time. Same would go for infinite paths like calendar links.
  • Neil Cheesman: Look at Wikipedia - internal links/related posts on just about every page - followed...

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