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Preventing duplicate content and unnecessary link-juice dilution

Hey guys,
My first post in this group:

Mine is a single author website. Currently, the below archives are enabled and set to index:

- Author based archive
- Date based archive
- Format based archive (No idea what it is)

To prevent duplicate content issue or unnecessary link-juice dilution, should I disable them and set to no-index?

Please guide. Thanks.

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Michael Martinez: No. Just publish excerpts on the archive pages.
  • Ajay M Verma: that`s the default setting. thanks.
  • Jenny Halasz: I disable them because they have no value to my users. But it’s a personal preference... google will correct for this... it’s not really a dupe content issue.
  • Ajay M Verma: Thanks. I`ve also disabled the date archive and author archive but I`m unsure about what format based archive is. Currently I`ve set it to noindex-follow
  • Benj Arriola: Generally I only index the category pages. And everything else I set to noindex, follow.

    However I have exceptions. If the site I am working on has really popular authors and is getting traffic just from the popularity of the author, I make the author based archive indexable and find ways to at least have their profile also written possibly on the listing page above everything and make this their profile page as well.
  • Ajay M Verma: thanks for sharing this

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