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My website has 4200 links from a single website, can that hurt my website`s reputation?


From the past one month my website`s ranking has been going on and off in google.com.au. What happens is that one of the keywords appears one day and then it vanishes from the search results for 4-5 days. On some other day the other keyword appears and then again it vanishes. I had 4 keywords in search results on 6th sep but now no one of them is present.
I checked in webmasters that my website has 4200 links from a single website, can that hurt my website`s reputation?
Please suggest me something to bring my rankings back

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  • Ranu Jain: Hi Ashley,<br /><br />A few questions here:<br /><br />1) Which anchor text are you using for those 4200 links? Are these links sitewide?<br /><br />2) Have you recently made any changes related to those keywords?<br /><br />3) Are rankings same on ?
  • Ashley williams: Hi Ranu,<br /><br />1) These have been linked with a hyperlink on an image of my company&#39;s logo.<br /><br />2) I haven&#39;t made any changes to any of the keywords recently.<br /><br />3) Right now none of the keywords is ranked in Google (Both and )
  • Ranu Jain: Thanks Ashley. ;<br /><br />Why have you linked them to your site&#39;s logo? Ideally, your site&#39;s home page should be linked to the logo. ;<br /><br />So, you observed ranking fluctuations after you took these 4200 links? ;<br /><br />Could be possible that these links are hurting your site. Remove them or make them nofollow. ;
  • Dennis Suitters: You can also improve page loading by moving scripts to the bottom, and fix your Standards Compliancy by not using table for layout markup.
  • Ashley williams: Hi Ranu,<br /><br />I haven&#39;t linked them to my site&#39;s logo, the thing is that they have a small image slider across their website on the right sidebar in which they have placed my company&#39;s logo as I am their sponsor. Checkout this link . On the right sidebar you will see an image slider with my company&#39;s logo (MGB Accountants).<br /><br />My site&#39;s homepage is linked through their website. Earlier they were 3800 in number and at that time rankings were slowly improving but now its more than 4200 and I have lost all the rankings.
  • Ranu Jain: Ohk, ask them to make it nofollow. ;
  • Ashley williams: Hi Dennis,<br /><br />Did you take a look at my website. The point that you mentioned is in general or specifically for my website?
  • Dennis Suitters: Specifically for any site really. Using tables for layouts is a general no no. And placing scripts at the bottom of the page increases page load, as browsers tend to stop to execute scripts as they are loaded.
  • Ashley williams: Yes I understand that Dennis but there is no problem like that with my website. I have checked all the things and everything is fine. I am just not able to figure out why my website&#39;s ranking is not stable.
  • Dennis Suitters: It is strange, and I can&#39;t offer anything other than what others have already suggested.
  • Ovidiu Burduja: How do you track your rankings, Ashley? Some of the results you get are so it&#39;s best to use a third party / impartial (google it).
  • Ashley williams: Hi Ovidio,<br /><br />Can you please tell me a bit more about personalized results.
  • W.E. Jonk: From the expert panel in this weeks SEO Questions hangout on air on 01:22:53 into the YouTube video: 

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